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Therapeutic Expertise

TCell Clinical services not only brings years of experience in various areas of clinical trial experience but also over decades of experience in several therapeutic areas. We have selected our data management and operation team with appropriate education background that helps to understand science and clinical data.


Successful cardiovascular research and development provides opportunity to change lives of millions of people. However, cardiovascular research comes with complex study designs and growing patient population requirements. Multi-disciplinary team has clinical, operational and data management expertise in phase II and III cardiovascular studies. We have experience in studies involving 100 to 10,000 patients including adaptive and outcome studies.


Wholistic Expertise Across The Spectrum

Given our wide range of experience, we deliver exceptional results across the therapeutic areas of expertise. Through this experience, we have gained valuable insights to make our processes even better. These efficient processes deliver better outcomes for your trials.

Collaborative Approach

We have extensive experience of working with a variety of partners, including;

  • Central Labs
  • Academic Institutions and Researchers
  • Image Reading and Processing Centers
  • Point of Care Device Companies

We leverage this eco-system to ensure better results for you.

Expert Study Design

Our experience and exceptionally skilled team work with you to design your studies to provide optimal outcomes. Our technology-enabled processes ensure standardization as well as accelerated execution. 

Compliant Processes

Quality and compliance are ingrained in our processes. We ensure that every aspect of the studies we conduct meets all mandatory regulatory requirements, in addition to adhering to best practices worldwide. 

This focus ensures that you get the results you can trust.

Scientific & Clinical Expertise

With decades of experience in clinical research and pharmaceutical operations, our team can conduct comprehensive clinical trials. The capabilities cover the entire life cycle, including feasibility, site selection, trial oversight, IMP management, data management, and analysis. 

Comprehensive Capabilities

No matter what kind of trials you want to conduct or where you are in the development process, we can partner with you to ensure you can achieve the right results in the most effective manner. We can deliver;

  • Adaptive trials
  • Precision medicine trial
  • Real-world evidence trials
  • Patient-centric trials

Technology-Enabled Execution

Our customers benefit from our technology adoption, including the technology we have carefully built. Each component is expertly designed to meet trial requirements, while attention to data integration promotes efficiency and fully transparent management reporting.

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We are leading the digital transformation of clinical trials through intelligent and innovative technology solutions.

By leveraging our deep expertise in clinical research and pharmaceuticals, we have created effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with leading solutions to deliver exceptionally well-designed and executed clinical studies.


A CDISC compliant, logic-based application “JNarratives” automates creation of clinical study narratives. Now create submission-ready study narratives at click of a button.


Analytics product is the solution that provides you transparent results & data insights, and analytics capabilities to understand the results from multiple dimensions.


Creating the reports is one primary time consuming, non-value added, yet essential tasks of any scientific study. We solve this problem by automatically integrating the source with MS Word to create reports using the study results and data.

At TCell, we pride ourselves on balancing human intelligence, capabilities, knowledge, and technological efficiencies to establish enhanced clinical trial capabilities for your needs.