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TCell Clinical Services is excited to share the launch of our Medical writing product JNarratives that automates Clinical study Narratives. Medical writers/Clinical Study Associates can now create submission ready study narratives at a click of button. This is a major step in our journey to automate Clinical study process.


The entire healthcare industry is working to reduce the staggering amount of money the country spends on healthcare every year. Companies are always looking for ways to streamline their processes and speed up timelines. Automation is one of the key approaches companies use to keep clinical trials costs under control and bring efficiency to their organization. Automation takes a manual process and streamlines it. As a first step, we have applied principles of automation into our product JNarratives.

Comprehensive & Automated Narratives

  • Safety (Patient and AE) & Efficacy Narratives
  • Identify Changed Narratives
  • Customizable study level templates, sentence, narrative criterion
  • Quick Start-up times (48-72 hours) through narrative automation

Efficient Batch Processing

  • Customized narrative output depending on type of adverse event
  • 1 narrative per second.
  • Adverse event and patient level narratives
  • One-click selection of all patients/AEs requiring narratives

Visualization and reporting capabilities

  • Dynamic and real time data
  • Visualization and reporting capabilities provides overview of study status
  • Ability to oversee study status at top-level and grass root level
  • Downloadable reports and visualization in various formats

Want to know more about us, our products, our services, or the clinical research in general? Head over to our resources section, where you will find insights, articles, white papers, best practice guidance, videos, and other learning resources that we keep updating regularly.

Medical writing Automation product

Our Medical writing Automation product “JNarratives”. It is a CDISC compliant, logic-based application that automates creation of clinical study narratives. Medical writers/Clinical Study Associates can now create submission-ready study narratives at click of a button. Narratives can be customized depending on the type of event and can be downloaded in an editable format at event or study level.

Reduced Turn-around time

Deliver your studies faster irrespective of sample size or the complexity of data by leveraging the power of technology.

Ensure Accuracy

By avoiding manual mistakes, you ensure the compliance and accuracy of your findings. Not to mention reducing the cost of reviews and corrections.

Continuous Improvement

Enjoy the continuous upgrades we make that enable you to adopt industry best practices and heuristics, without learning curve or extra cost.

About JNarratives

Writing a single Narrative may take a couple of hours, so if thousands need to be written, Medical Writers may be focused on writing Narratives full-time. Our team has over a decade of experience as a Clinical Research Organization and a deep understanding of the complexities in Narrative writing. At a time when we pursue self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, Narrative writing shouldn’t be all manual. So we developed JNarratives to automate it.

Narratives Generated

Achieve a faster turnaround time without compromising with accuracy or quality.

200+ Narratives within 1 sec.

Focus on critical aspects of the study and research, not on creating documentation.

Years of Experience

Proven product created by experienced healthcare & clinical research professionals.

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