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ClinSights is a data analytics application for pharmaceutical companies to effortlessly gain deep and meaningful insights from the clinical data. ClinSights is a seamless, web-based software that helps you set up studies faster, save on development costs, and enable multi-dimensional insights from your studies with easy visualizations.


ClinSights enables multi-layer visualization and analysis. You can gain fine-grained insights at the patient level, trial level, or for the entire product. The range of visualizations covers every possible disease area as well as multiple scenarios. The visualization offers you insights into lab parameters, medications, adverse events, patient medical history, as well as the actions taken for various conditions. You can also set up filters including interim patients analysis, Cross-over patients, and Hy’s Law patients.

Dynamic Visualization and reporting

  • The study, patient, and disease level dashboards
  • Automated reporting capabilities
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Remote monitoring and trend analysis

Innovative No-Code Automation

  • Assisted Data review and Cleaning through codeless programming
  • Automated report and dashboard creation
  • An automated patient selection criterion
  • Meaningful Data transformations

Real-time Dashboards

  • Automated data loads from various vendors
  • Real-time integration
  • Real-time Transformations
  • Active safety and risk-based monitoring

Want to know more about us, our products, our services, or the clinical research in general? Head over to our resources section, where you will find insights, articles, white papers, best practice guidance, videos, and other learning resources that we keep updating regularly.

Clinical Data Analytics Made Easy

Your ability to generate valuable insights from the vast data determines your competitive advantage through sound decision-making. We bring the power of technology to create a platform where you can easily create and visualize various dimensions of the data from your clinical studies.

Automated Setup

The entire process of defining your analytics requirements for your studies is automated, making it possible to set up your studies in a matter of hours.

No-Code Customization

Our codeless platform and set up process allows you to configure your analytics the way you want.

Flexible Insights

With just a few clicks, you can define the way you want to visualize your data and get reports for further analysis and decision making.

About ClinSights

It’s a lot of work to keep up with the latest clinical trials. With ClinSights, it takes just one click to stay on top of your research and update protocols in real-time. Simplify and accelerate your study and drug development processes by leveraging the data-driven approach with ClinSights. ClinSights helps you to automate reporting and easily create graphs, tables, and other visuals. Get the timely results your decision-makers need. As all your data is in one place with ClinSights’s reporting and visualization platform, you make better decisions faster.

Multi-Level Intelligence and Insights

ClinSights allows you to set up the product at the required level of granularity as required by your unique needs. With the options to set up visualization, reporting, and dashboards at the product, study, or patient level, you get deep, impactful insights efficiently and effortlessly.

300+ Clinical Studies Supported

Allowing the clients to save time and generate valuable insights.

50000+ Patients’ Data Handled

Analysis made possible on multiple dimensions and disease areas

50 Million Records Analyzed

Simplified and Efficient Data Management that provides concrete value

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