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We leverage our technological expertise to bring the power of automation for your report preparation efforts. Clinical reports and documents are critical elements that form the foundation of vital decision-making related to the future of your drug development. With our automation capabilities, we not only make the process faster but also ensure accuracy for your final document.


ClinDocs handles the dependencies between multiple documents by establishing the relationship between multiple MS-Word documents. Through the relationships, downstream updates to any child document, section, or parts of the document are handled automatically without you having to make changes at multiple places. We also handle the dependencies on external documents. Such automation not only helps efficiencies of document updates but also reduces the possibility of manual errors significantly.

Smart Templates

  • Create and build study template for Synopsis, protocol, CSRs, and other study documents for intelligent clinical trials reporting
  • Parent-Child architecture enables the creation of a family of documents for each compound.
  • Interlinked documents allow consistency of content across documents

Automated Document Creation

  • Allows creation of study documents as per sponsor templates
  • Automates creation of contents from multiple parent documents
  • Automatically updates records based on parent documents
  • Efficient automation ensures formats and contents are imported as per document requirements


  • Automated Table of assessments
  • Dynamic-link building
  • Downloadable MS-word study documents and sponsor template
  • No code template customization

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Making Your Reporting Efficient & Effective

Manually creating reports can be time consuming, error-prone, and may impact the compliance and quality of your reporting. Through the power of automation and technological intelligence, we take away the pains of your reporting requirements.

Improving Accuracy

Through automation, you avoid manual mistakes that can creep in inevitably, thus ensuring compliance and accuracy of your clinical studies.

Improved Efficiencies

The automation and integration of MS-Word templates with the data sources ensures that you save on the time preparing and formatting the reports, thus allowing you to focus on core clinical activities.

Improved Quality

By ensuring that right findings are reflected across the document through automation ensures that your reports will always provide the valuable required information.

About ClinDocs

ClinDocs helps companies to set-up templates for clinical trial protocol, synopsis, clinical study reports, and many clinical study documents. Our deep understanding of Microsoft architecture and associated technologies allows users to create dependencies between documents and automate the creation of these documents. In addition, the automation allows you to avoid costly protocol amendments and confusion at clinical trial sites by ensuring that any changes to your clinical studies are reflected in the report accurately without additional manual efforts.

300+ Clinical Studies Supported

Allowing the clients to save time and generate high-quality, compliant documents

50000+ Patients’ Data Handled

Automated Data Capture and Updates

470+ Automated Reports Created

Simplified and Efficient Reporting, Every time

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